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Interior Home Design Specialists in Acton, MA & Beyond

A Full-Service Design Studio with an Exceptional Reputation

We Specialize in New Construction & Renovation Projects

When you need expert interior designers, Birch Hill Interiors has you covered. Our full-service interior home design studio in Stow, MA takes care of new construction and renovation projects of all sizes. We specialize in both major overhauls and simple design refreshes for clients who just want to make minor changes to their home. Although we’re based in New England, we have cultivated relationships with builders, suppliers, and clients as far away as Southern California. Wherever you’re located, we would love to help you design your dream space down to the very last detail. Please fill out our convenient contact form below to get started with our talented team today!

Comprehensive Services From a Full-Service Design Studio

From selecting paint colors and fabrics to window treatments, artwork, furniture, rugs, and lighting options, we’re there for you every step of the home design process. While we primarily work with residential clients, we’re also available to take on small-scale commercial projects. Our services include:

Full Consultation

During a full consultation, we’ll do a walkthrough of your space to get a sense of your lifestyle, needs, and esthetic flow. We’ll take measurements and photos as well as an inventory of your existing furniture, identifying which pieces you want to keep, repurpose, or replace.

Paint & Color Consult

Interested in redecorating or refreshing your space? Our designers would be happy to present you with a professional color scheme, paint samples, and a mood board with inspiration photos. We have painters that are reliable, timely, and affordable.

Staging Consultation

Home staging is an essential part of the process of listing a home for sale. Effective home staging helps you create curb appeal and a lasting impact on potential buyers. Let our professionals give you tips on selling your home for top dollar.


E-Design is perfect for clients not in our immediate area or those with small-scale projects not requiring a full-scale renovation. We’re able to send you personalized mood boards, photos, and even color samples during your online consultation. We work with all budgets!

Why Rely on Birch Hill Interiors?

Although you may be tempted to do everything yourself, home renovation projects often require a professional’s attention and contacts. No matter how comfortable you may feel choosing paint colors or handling yourself around a nail gun, working with our team is in your best interest. Because no two projects are the same, Birch Hill Interiors offers personalized consultations to get the best feel for your esthetic wants and needs. Our initial call is complimentary, so we urge you to reach out to us today with an inquiry!