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I started working with Jill in early 2020 for help with 2 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, plus refreshing and updating my living room. We moved from a Victorian house to a more modern townhouse condo so needed help with the project. I have been extremely pleased with the results. Things take a bit longer these days, due to Covid related back orders, but the wait was always worth it. Jill is energetic and very pleasant to work with. She works closely with you on your personal likes and dislikes and has a lot of great ideas for decorating that I would never have thought of if I had been doing this myself. She also does not take things personally if you decide to change things up a bit and not use everything she suggests. No pressure! The quality of the fabrics, wallpaper, furniture, and rugs, etc. she has access to was far above expectations. Again, she works closely with you to help make sure you get what you are looking for and stay within budget. All in all, this has been a very good experience. I have never used a designer before and now I would never do any future work without her. It’s amazing what can happen when you add another set of eyes, with talent, when doing a bigger project!

Lisa H.

Jill Wheeler, owner of Birch Hill Interiors LLC, came highly recommended. We had recently moved into a new house and it needed a fresh look. Jill was there from the start to help prepare me for the craziness of owning a new home and trying to schedule everything during Covid. Jill’s professionalism, strong work ethic, extremely creative mind, and caring/outgoing personality were exactly what I needed. Jill listens to her clients and has the ability to work within their comfort levels but also encourages them to take some chances. Because of Jill, I have a gorgeous dining room with beautiful wallpaper, fun and elegant chandelier, and a table that fits my family! She saw the room as what it became when I could only see 4 walls. She also picked out beautiful windows treatments, kitchen stools, rugs, and the tables-the list is long and I love everything she picked!!!! I am forever grateful for Jill's support, patience, and creative style in making a house feel like our home! I strongly recommend her services and I will be using her again!

Katie R.

When I first met Jill, I knew she would be the one to help us add color and comfort to our spaces. We had recently moved into a new house and were stuck and overwhelmed with how to create it our home. We discussed our priorities and how we could move forward with each project. Jill pulled together a plan to convert our awkward sunroom into a home office space for me, while remaining child friendly. In addition, the family room and living room got some attention. There is flow and color now. Also fabulous seating and lighting. She listened to our concerns and was so easy to work with during the process. Since, Jill has created unique, stylish bedrooms for each of our children. All of us were very pleased with the outcome.

Cara W.

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